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Reading notes [Shiite and Sunni] (Megumi Ikeuchi) | IN THE WIND Introduction I think I mentioned at the time of the first times eyes of the keynote, but the line-up of this forum period 0 is a galaxy of able persons. For example, for even if the capture Islam, are also deniers Some positive faction. Specialty of the area are doing, disk pudding is also different. Therefore, if this forum is not to confuse the head of everyone as you listen. I pointed out that [but came to this seat thinking of Wakaro Islam, it there is a possibility that will not know more and more. Each will have a person of all first-class, but I think the story of this miscellaneous lecturer and is either put together in any form in his said that [he is taking to study and everyone of ability] ( Lol). The result is that street, I think that Islam for the various areas has spoken. So, it is not hard to summarize it. Thus, at a very primitive level, after all, I understand how the Islamic, whether we believe or do I have to how to contact with Islam or Muslims, by talk about, I I want to concluding.