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Or al-Qaeda or IS, sect? Classify the forest to Islamic extremists

Reading notes [Shiite and Sunni] (Megumi Ikeuchi) | IN THE WIND Al Qaeda 0's end, was founded by Osama bin Laden (died 2.0 years), et al. And many of the key members, was the Islamic volunteers who gathered in Afghanistan from all over the world to resist the Soviet invasion of the year. Establishment at that time, pledge allegiance to the Taliban, which was holding the Afghanistan government, [to attack the United States and its allies, regardless of location] to all the world's Muslims (Muslim) = I was called for a [global jihad]. Al Qaeda funding and military training to the Islamic extremists of various places, of Yemen [Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda] (AQAP), [al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (northwest Africa)] of Algeria (AQIM), of Syria [Nusura Front ], it was housed under its umbrella such as Somalia [Arushababu]. In addition, the Taliban to be sworn allegiance from al-Qaeda, even after being forced out of power in the Afghan war of 00 years, it has continued the attacks on such as the US military, to its brother organization, with offices in neighboring Pakistan [Pakistan There are Taliban movement] (TTP).