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Islamic history and complexity

Reading notes [Shiite and Sunni] (Megumi Ikeuchi) | IN THE WIND . Sunni and Shiite Generation Karifuari of offspring is cut off at the die eyes. Therefore, the current for the Shiite [Imam (leader)] absence of the state. The last Imam to end just before the world is believed to be the Second Coming is the Mahdi (Messiah) for relief. Until Ali of offspring to break, was an offshoot around whether or not admit anyone in the Shiite leadership. Tour of the generation Imam, splinter to a person who is not the case with those who support the Zayed. The former is referred to as the zaidiyyah, it is now more common in Yemen in. Offshoot to Musa advocates and their brother Ismail advocates as a substitute Imam. Musa supporters are called Twelver, it is occupied about the current Shiite, Iran, Iraq, many, such as in Bahrain likely. Ismail faction you heard that many in East Africa and South Asia. Sunni and Shiite So what is the difference in addition to the lineage of the leaders. Was examined, Shia is one that emphasizes the faith of relatively mind, strict is more of Sunni for precepts.