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Why it is easy to place the war in the Middle East region? -

Reading notes [Shiite and Sunni] (Megumi Ikeuchi) | IN THE WIND Keywords: religious issues Such as Christianity and Islam in the world there are many religions. And religious issues, refer to the various problems that occur in between those of religion. Or discrimination in society, sometimes with the use of force to attack the opponent. In recent years, the religious issues in the Middle East region are serious. What place I Middle East? When looking at the news, do not you seen a video where there is a large factory in the wide desert? In the factory, we are mining the crude oil while waterfall smoke. But on the east side as seen from Europe, not far up there, so [east of moderate] = has been how to call it [the Middle East]. By the way, Japan and China as seen from Europe, because there on the east side, which was very far, it is called [Far East]. Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, there are a total of countries such as Israel. Middle East of religion is a bit more complex In the majority of countries in the Middle East, Islam has been faith.